Software Engineer Career Pathway

Revature Briefly Discusses Software Engineer Career Pathway


Anyone aspiring to become a software engineer can expect consistent opportunities to progress in their career. New doors would open to such professionals as they gain experience and get trained in important technical skills. Some may continue to work with code, while others can make use of their understanding of the software development lifecycle to lead teams. By learning the fundamental principles of coding and the software development process through tech talent development companies like Revature, one can develop a solid enough foundation in the domain to add value to any company.

Revature underlines the career pathway for software engineers

Software engineers are computer science professionals who make use of their knowledge and training in engineering principles and programming languages to build software products and run network control systems. While each and every company has its own specific roadmap for such professionals, below is the most common career pathway for a software engineer:

  • Junior software engineer: At the beginning of their career, software engineers would have a pretty limited experience and hence join an entry-level position at a company. In their role as a junior software engineer, one would have to develop discerning software products to meet client requirements within a particular time frame. They ideally have to report to their team leader, who shall act as a mentor and guide the professionals. During this period of their career, software engineers get the chance to learn a range of new skills and acquire experience in working on real-life software projects.
  • Senior software engineer: After a few years on the job, one is likely to be promoted to the position of a senior software engineer. During this time, they shall learn new programming languages and gain expertise in the software development lifecycle. One may even have the chance to train junior engineers, as well as manage a small team of their own. Senior software engineers are also introduced to distinctive business elements like high-level company objectives and project budgets.
  • Tech lead: A tech lead is usually responsible for the whole software development process. They are the ones to manage a large team of professionals who work on software design and development.  Tech leads usually have to report the progress of the software development to the company stakeholders and offer inputs for the decision making process.
  • Team manager: Software engineers who have good leadership skills may even progress into a managerial-based role. As a team manager, they shall be overseeing the entire software development team and ensure that they are collaborating properly.
  • Technical architect: Technical architects essentially are expected to overlook the whole technical design and architecture of a software program. They tend to build processes for the team and offer valuable technical leadership. This role usually also involves looking into the scaling of support systems.
  • Chief technology officer: CTOs are the head of the technology department at an organization, and are considered to be the pinnacle of a software engineer’s career.

To prepare for a career in the field of software engineering, one can seek training from companies like Revature. Varied types of software engineers get the chance to work on distinctive types of technical projects. For instance, while a few may work to build out a customer database, others can be more focused on creating self-driving car technologies.

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