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Top 10 tips for using your smartphone well


Have you just acquired an Android smartphone or an iPhone? Do you know the various features offered by your smartphone? Need advice on how to better use your smart laptop? This selection of smartphone tips and instructions is made for you. Transfer data to the computer, unlock the phone, block unwanted calls, take a panoramic photo, retouch a photo, download applications… discover all these common manipulations in this selection of videos. Good viewing !

1. The choice of smartphone and its OS

Want to buy a new smartphone or change yours? Are you mainly looking for a mobile that is easy to handle and familiar with? Which operating system to choose then? In this video, an external communication manager gives you her advice for choosing the right smartphone and its OS. In the market, you have the choice between Android, iPhone and BlackBerry phones. To find the right one for you, just follow the video!

2. Data transfer to computer

Is your smartphone memory full? Want to free up some disk space? Have you thought about backing up data, texts, photos and videos on your computer? In this video, an expert shows you the technique to transfer data from a smartphone to a computer. Moving files can be done directly without going through a specific program. However, for an easier and faster transfer, there is a multitude of software available to you. Either solution, both are shown in the video. Look !

3. phone unlocking

Does your smartphone only work with one carrier? Do you want to unlock it so you can use it when you change operators? How is the phone unlocking done? A specialist gives you advice and tips on how to unlock your mobile. You start by finding the IMEI, that is to say the identity number of your smartphone. To do this, you simply type *#06#. Thereafter, you contact your operator. Follow the explanations in the video!

4. Blocking a call number

A particular phone number is getting on your nerves? Does this person keep harassing you and calling you all the time? So how do you block incoming calls from this number? In this video, a specialist gives you her tips and tricks for blocking a phone number. It is even sometimes possible to reject SMS. It all depends on your phone model. Discover everything in video!

5. The panoramic photo

Do you know that it is possible to expand the shooting range on a smartphone? Do you know the panoramic photo, this feature allowing a 180° shot? A photographer shows you in this video the technique to take a panoramic photo. Two tips allow you to do this and succeed in your shots. Video demonstration!

6. Genius Playlists on iPhone

Got Genius on your smartphone? Want to create playlists to better your music tracks? Don’t know how to do it? A specialist shows you the technique to better use the Genius feature on your iPhone. Choosing songs, saving playlist, deleting playlist, everything is illustrated in this video. Look !

7. Photo editing

Do you like to add a touch of fantasy to your photos? Or do you want to adjust the brightness, contrast and orientation of a photo? How then to do it when the image is saved on the smartphone? A photographer gives you his tips and tricks for editing a photo on a smartphone. No more missed shots and unwanted characters on your shots. Just follow the video!

8. Using Facebook on Smartphone

How to connect to Facebook with a Smartphone? Have you already installed the application dedicated to this social network? A specialist helps you to better use this application on a Smartphone. Like what, you don’t always need a computer to stay connected to your Facebook friends. Video demonstration!

9. Applications to have on a smartphone

What apps should you absolutely have on your smartphone? Which apps to download or not? A specialist reveals the 10 essential applications to download on a smartphone. Consumption monitoring, GPS for orientation, banking positioning, public transport, airlines… today there are a multitude of smartphone programs that will make your daily task easier. However, some apps require more vigilance because of the viruses they can bring to your phone. For more explanation, follow the video!

10. Insert your iPhone’s sim card

How to Install SIM Card in iPhone? Need advice on inserting or removing the carrier chip in your smartphone? Follow this tutorial. Beforehand, make sure you have the right card: microSIM or nanoSIM. Once the card is in hand, turn off your phone. Then, follow the tips illustrated in the video!

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