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How to configure your computer correctly?


You are new to computers, and you need to configure your computer now? Indeed, it is essential to know some basic tasks, so that everything goes as well as possible. Today, we are going to help you configure your machine, choose your software and get started as quickly and above all as simply as possible.

The system

First of all, you will have to configure the system of your computer station. The best is obviously to upgrade to Windows 11 in order to have the best possible system at your disposal. You can update the system by connecting directly to the Internet. You can check the availability of updates directly on your computer. Then you can go to the settings to configure your computer station, then install everything. Your PC may need to be restarted a few times, but this is a necessary process to get your computer set up perfectly

software download

Several software will be very useful to you when you have a computer. It is essential, for example, to have software allowing you to do word processing, a spreadsheet, or even image editing software. You can also opt for some photo editing software if that is useful to you. Also, don’t forget to opt for an antivirus, which can be particularly useful and save you a lot of inconvenience. You must also choose your web browser. All this allows you to personalize your computer and thus to make it really and to the use that you are going to make of it.

Default apps

Next, you will need to configure the applications that your operating system should use by default. Some will be useless to you, and therefore you can enter the Start menu, go to the settings and access the Applications menu. Some applications are useless, and will unfortunately slow down your computer. As a result, you can truly customize everything, and choose only the applications that are useful to you. You can also set your default directory, and in particular use an external hard drive to prevent your sensitive data from being stored on your computer. Then simply change the location where new content is saved so that everything is automated afterwards.

The settings

Finally, you can set up everything on your new computer so that the computer is truly perfect and ideal for your daily use. Do not forget to protect your computer with passwords in particular, which will allow you to protect your sensitive data and prevent them from falling into the wrong hands. All the configurations take a little time, but it is absolutely necessary so that your computer station is perfectly adapted. It saves time afterwards.

As you will have understood, installing a new computer takes a little time, but it is necessary. Now, it’s your turn to play !

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