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Schedule automatic computer shutdown


The scheduled shutdown of the computer The scheduled shutdown of your computer can be very useful if you have children who refuse to go to bed at night. It is also interesting to program the shutdown of your computer if a download or a download is in progress and you are forced to leave. For several reasons, whether for the children or for you, the scheduled shutdown of your computer can be a real solution to your needs.

Method On your computer, click on “Start”. On the search box, type “shutdown –s –t –(number of seconds you want to pass before the computer shuts down”. Example: shutdown –s –t- 60. To initiate shutdown programmed, just click on the search result and Windows will display a confirmation message “Windows will shut down in X minutes”.

Tips For this method to be effective and interesting, create a password on your computer. As a result, your children will not be able to turn it back on and automatic computer shutdown .

The technique — First, enter the menu and find the Facebook application.

— Type your address and password for identification. The Facebook application on Smartphone has the same functionalities as on the Web interface. You can then directly access the news feeds and read the various messages left by your friends. – You can also publish a status or a photo.

— You can take a photo from your device and post it directly to Facebook. You can also select one from your photo gallery. – You can specify your location by performing a search by clicking on “Places”.

— At the top in the blue bar, you can find the various notifications, requests to add friends, the latest messages and the latest notifications about your content.

— By clicking on the top left, you can search for a friend’s name. The latter also allows you to access different Facebook pages, such as your news journal and find the publications you have made before.

— By clicking again at the top left, you have access to your mailboxes, the places that are near you, the events where you are invited, your list of friends, the pages in which you are subscribed, the groups where you belong and the apps you usually use.

— At the bottom of the menu, you get to your account settings and the Facebook “Help” menu where you find account settings, application settings, code generator and logout.

— To refresh any screen including the news feed and to update posts, swipe the screen with your finger.

To conclude Thanks to the evolution of technology, it is currently possible to access Facebook without using a computer. Thanks to the explanations provided by our guest, you now know how to use the Facebook application on a Smartphone. The process is very simple and it allows you to publish a status in your moments of inspiration. To succeed, you just have to follow the instructions presented in the video.

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